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The Full Story


"The day we've met, we spoke about what it would be like moving out of the city. Living on a farm or nearby the beach.

Escape the city life. Ever since we started travelling, we felt a deep connection with the Mediterranean style of living. For us, this means a slower pace of living, enjoy the beautiful outdoors and nourishing your body with locally grown food.  

We feel like Portugal is one of the most inspiring parts of the world where we can really unwind.

We've been living in Amsterdam for over a decade.

We want to choose when to slow down in this rapidly accelerating world.

Not by simply stepping out of 'our' world, but by finding a new balance. 


This is where the idea of The Portugal Experience was born.
We want people to experience the power of slowing down in nature and (re)connect with their inner world."

- Much Love Eefje & Dennis -



These days we are living in a world where everything moves fast and where we are subjected to an enormous amount of stimuli. Our mission is to offer you a safe place to slow down and take good care of your physical and mental body. Where you can connect with your inner world, nature and the people around you. 



We believe that slowing down from our busy lives is what brings us inner peace and joy. Connect with ourselves, nature and the people around us.

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